Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sing me a song again, daddy

I was once a lovely girl who also dreamed of a beautiful future with the man I love. But more than the thought of marriage, I was always hooked on the thought of my father's presence in such a wonderful occasion. Of who will I be and what will I be at that time, I will still be my father's precious darling little girl.

But even before that dream happens, I lost my father. I remember him when he first learned of his cancer, he called me up and told me of his frustration. He was furious when the doctor without hesitation or any reservation told him straight of his medical condition. 'Was he crazy to tell me that I have cancer... when i haven't brought you yet to the altar?!' He was referring to a wedding day.

It became a motivation for my sister wishing to marry someone before the due time of my father came, though she did not pursue. And when that time comes, it will be without my father. In the same way, I am left with just a dream of a wonderful covenant.

I grew up loving the song, Sing me a song again, daddy, always imagining to sing it to my own father. Now all I have is this song, though I still continue to sing it to him deep in my heart.

I love you, Papa! I will always be your darling little girl. And you will always be the greatest father in the whole world! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Anne's birthday..(?)

03 October 2011. This is such a beautiful day, truly wonderful! :)

I woke up with the thought of Anne's birthday -- the simple things we can possibly prepare to make her happy. To surprise her, I started to look for the blouse that she once chose for me which I was not able to wear for a year. I fitted it with all the mix-matching in the hope to get the perfect match for today. But fortunately or unfortunately, it didn't fit me right. Maybe I'll just surprise her some other time. I did not bring my lunch expecting that we will dine out to celebrate.

I went to Mass also offering intentions for her. Then I passed by the flower shop to buy her a bouquet of assorted flowers. I appreciated the lady for her fastness and creativity in flower arrangement. She did not have a change of the big bill so I needed to collect all my smaller bills and pennies to pay her. I ended owing her 20 pesos. hehe

Yes, the bouquet is for Anne but I am also excited with it. In my jeepney ride, while trying to arrange it a little, I was drawn to the flowers and my excitement. Then I realized that I already passed by another village beyond my office! So, 'manong, manong, lugar palihog.' I had to go another trouble of crossing the wet streets in this rainy day hopping from one side to another avoiding the jeepneys and not to be caught up with a shower of those watery grounds.

You can almost guess how I controlled my laughter and smiles walking alone on the street. I have so much of excitement to contain! Arriving the office I waited for DBB to come out. I greeted him with a big smile, 'Good morning, DBB! It's Anne's birthday!' Confused of what I said, he reached for his calendar checking the date today and said, 'Anne's birthday is tomorrow, October 4.' 'Huh? Thought it is today?! I bought her a bouquet.' And DBB laughed. 'Oh, but will you do us a favor of giving it to her?' Of course DBB did not refuse.

Anne's birthday is tomorrow, 4 October, not today, 3 October. I felt stupind laughing alone recalling the first hour of my day. Today remains to be a so, so, so wonderful, happy day making me feel so much more beautiful with all the many reasons to smile and laugh. Hmmmm... let me infect the world with this! But first, I have to wait for others to come to hear my piece. hahaha!