Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Blue Heart

A heart so heavy of loneliness
Burdened of many but of nothingness.
A heart that shines in pity
Will I ever see its beauty?

Beating with undying ache
What comfort shall it ever make?
Groaning in so much suffering
Does it have the ear for listening?

It maybe blue for the contained sorrows
Even bleeding for the piercing arrows
But it is still a heart of overflowing grace.
Let it pour out love for the dying race.

+ jocrossy +
@ 11:11:43 AM
31 August 2009

**Remembering Mary in Our Lady of Sorrows, and the many sorrowful hearts.

Mama Mary, as I am formed to be like Christ and for Christ to be formed in me, may I be like you… Amen.