Tuesday, November 30, 2010

To risk,
to dare,
to conquer!!!

I just had the highest jump of my life!
I love You!!!

P.S. Mama, I made it!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010


What a great thing it is
To be home in oneself!
You feel so inspired
With heart full of gratitude.

Peace within me,
Peace in oneself,
What else would I need?

The gentle breeze of the wind that feels my skin,
With tall trees swaying their leaves,
With the chirping birds singing praises,
I pray along with them.

In this moment of serenity,
In this feeling alone and free,
Nothing will be better than this my dear;
To feel at home where one belongs.

+ jocrossy +

**I think this is the first 'positive' poem I wrote. Before, I was at my best in writing when I was in a bad mood. But I learned to write not only out of anger or bad feelings or ill thoughts but of positive feelings. Way back then, others would commend me for being optimistic in dealing life. But my pessimism? You would see it in my poetry and other write ups in my diary or journal notebook. Because those are the things that I could not express at all. I was so used to be the best of me, trying to please people but deep inside, I was left alone in my darkness for nobody wanted to share the un-fortunes I had. People cling on you when they see you good. But they stay away the moment they sensed a little heavy thing in you. To whom do I share then?

But I remain grateful for the gift of the smiles that I am able to share with others. And I am happy to be 'at home' from time to time. ^_^

'Keep smiling, keep shining.'

God bless us all!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wake me up, Lord

Wake me up, Lord
from the long sleep I've been.
For life is nowhere
in the nights within.

Bring me into light
for my spirit to awake.
Let me grasp your hand for help
in the uncertainty of living.

Guide me as I open my eyes.
Calm this trembling heart.
Teach me to recognize
the strength to survive.

+ jocrossy +
07:25 AM
3 Nov 2010