Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A poem for Hannah

This is a poem I wrote for Hannah a few weeks ago. I was not feeling well in those days. On 21 July, still feeling dizzy, as I opened my eyes, The Little Prince dvd in my bookshelf which Hannah gave me caught my attention and reminded me then of my desire to wrote a poem for her. Without much effort, the words flow through and below is the fruit,  ^_^

Be the rose you want to be
Not just for everyone to see.
But for your little darling heart
You owe such a big part.

When the prince comes to tame you,
Accept and be merry as you can do.
But when time comes he has to leave,
Accept, be sad, and learn to forgive.

The beauty that you are is so precious my dear.
The happiness within should dry your tear.
Let not the world wilt your peace.
To the Great One above you are a masterpiece. 

Sway with the wind knowing who you are.
Bloom in the fields, the sun shines not too far.
Scars will no longer matter as you dance it all out.
Beautiful! There you go! That's what you are about.

+ jocrossy +
@8:50 AM
21 July 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

'Your Love' for my brother

I love listening to music while having lunch in my desk. I would keep on rolling songs in youtube, genre depending on what I feel like listening to. Today I played music performed by many artists maybe on concert tours, in an awards' night, etc. I love the blending of their voices. Then I found myself clicking on Nirvana's few songs which reminded me of my big brother. The rock bands of their similar time, I remember, I did my best to appreciate their music just to be able to relate to my brother. We rarely communicate in good terms as the siblings rivalry among us six was very strong. And music has been my help in relating to them, my way of communicating.

Unfortunately, my brother has gone astray, now to a 'different world'. The best song that reminds me of him is 'Your Love' by Alamid which he could sing very well. He is surely missed especially with those times that we, six siblings, are bonding together. Wish he could bring back himself when he listens to this song...

God's healing be his. May God bring him back to us, soon...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Danggit in You

a beautiful thought just occurred to me while on my way to the office. riding on a jeepney, the long thought of danggit made me sneeze. hehe. and passing by bcnhs, i remembered k in the very tree that reminds me of him. hmmmm... i guess i can make my way to capture that tree! ;)

The Danggit in You ^_^

(In the way that this fish is preserved,)
May you be preserved not only for the consumption of the world but for God's greater purpose.
(In as much as you crave for this fish,)
May you also become desiring for many as you burn in you the passion of God's love.
(The very thought of which excites you,)
May you find in yourself the excitement to live and continue even in the most 'pitiful'/depressing situation.
(As this costs quite expensive,)
May you see the very value of your person which God Himself created to become the 'being'.
(With the salt that makes it special,)
May you be the 'salt' for many that the world longs to be the change in the most unnoticeable way.
(As small as it is,)
May you be 'small' for men yet great in the eyes of God.

+ jocrossy +
30 Sept 2011 @ 9AM

 p.s. i wrote it last year but I shared this piece to K only this 11 July 2012. hehe :p  'danggit' is a type of dried fish in the Philippines. so i'm using the picture that K posted in his fb accompanying this simple piece of art.

breviary, a revolution from the heart?

I have to return the book today for others to also learn from. So let me share one of my favorite parts from the book REVOLUTION from the HEART:

I used to slip away each day from the babble of our cell to say my breviary in the prison yard. The other prisoners gradually learned to leave me alone for those minutes. As I read the Psalms, they took on a meaning they never had before. I had always seen them as hyperbole, poetic exaggeration, a little unsuited to our age, maybe any age. All this about being falsely accused, pursued by enemies, ensnared, hungry, sick, abandoned and forgotten. But now as I read them and looked around me I could see that they were literally true, word for word, and syllable for syllable:
Reach down from heaven and save me
Draw me out from the mighty waters
From the hands of foes
Whose mouths are filled with lies
Whose hands are raised in perjury.
So many of the prisoners waiting for me to finish could have written these very words. It was as if I were praying them now for the first time since I had come to the Philippines, twenty years before.

~ Fr Niall O'Brien, Revolution from the Heart, pp. 3-4 ~ 

I can almost imagine the looks in his eyes, begging, pitiful and hungry for justice; as is the situation of Negros at that time...I love praying the breviary though I couldn't pray so everyday. And I am truly struck by Fr Niall's testimony, for many times I found myself speaking in the lines of the psalms and readings. When one is disposed to it, the grace will work on. Even the unsaid prayers of the heart will find its way to the very heart of God...

I have not loved you enough...

I have not loved you enough... Will you make me do so? Will you teach me how, please? I must learn from your overflowing and unconditional love, my God; 
 You are the great author of love...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

life and death, a grace and a gift

Witnesssing celebrations of life and moments of death, it is teaching me how to get more attuned with life. At one point, it's so painful. At another, it's so peaceful. But indeed, it is a gift and a grace to be present in both moments of life and death... By grace that we learn to accept and submit to the will of the Father, and a gift that we finally find peace within us, to whatever happens... And for everything, all praises and thanks be to God! His promise remains a promise, 'Remain in me as I in you. Remain in my love.' 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Trust is: when my father pushed me for the first time to run to cross the road, with him investing his confidence on me, taking the risk that i would make it.

Freedom is: when i was allowed to play, run all the way, get bruised and wounded but so happy being carefree.

Confidence is: when after i gained the trust and confidence of another even in my little faith that i could make it, i was able to stand up, raise my head and run the race.

Winning is: when i finally reached the finished line, to no care of whether i was first, second or last as long as i made it to the end.