Friday, March 25, 2011

Yes! It's a good news!

This is what is amazing! Just minutes after or maybe an hour after I posted my blog, MARY's fiat. Will it also be Mary's fiat? good news are starting to come in, from friends who are happy with their good news of the day. See, reasons to smile and be happy are making its way to me! With my previous statement, 'I believe that my hour for rejoicing will come,' the law of attraction, a mind disposition, the faith, it all matters. :D

Hmmm... happiness doesn't have to be 'me.' It can always come in the gentlest news to the most freaking great news of friends and other people. ;)

And ooopppzzzz, before I end this blog, another affirmation came in, just few minutes ago. A very simple, short but concise comment from a dear friend, 'Luke 2:19.' Checking the Bible it says, 'As for Mary, she treasured all these words and continually pondered them.' And so be it... <3 

Mary, seat of wisdom, pray for us.

MARY's fiat. Will it also be Mary's fiat?

Why does it have to be like this? Why do I have to be like this? Why do I have to act like this? Why do I have to feel this way? Well, I can only ask and question..!

I've been looking forward for this day with thrill and excitement. This is supposed to be a happy day. For today we celebrate the feast of the Annunciation, Mama Mary's fiat, her YES that many of us wish to follow and to own. I was hoping for a better day when I can also renew my yes and even give my another yes.

But waking up this morning I feel more of Magdalene rather than Mary. I prayed to God, 'Lord, please let me be Magdalene. Let me kiss your feet, wash it with oil and dry it with my hair' as I make my way to kissing the floor of the chapel. There He is in the tabernacle. I spoke to Him, I ask Him questions, I ponder on things... no, I was actually begging for Him to give me light. 'Lord, please be my Light. Please give me light so I may see the good in all these things. Mary, seat of wisdom, pray for me.'

Today is Friday, 25 March 2011. The feast of the Annunciation, a joyful celebration. But Friday is meant for Sorrowful Mystery in the Rosary. And I feel more in deep sorrow at the start of this day. But I also know that this day will not end with me being joyful. I believe that my hour for rejoicing will come. Only that I have to feel this way, I need to be in this as of the moment. So do I dwell on this feeling to savor it, though not for long.

I am just at the first hour of my day. This day is going to be long for me.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A post for 'Joy in Christ'

When I allowed myself to listen to God's call, it was the start of beautiful things... Jesus has become a bridegroom for me, so loving and His manifestations was so real. Intimate moments are very possible with Him the moment we decide to allow our hearts to commune with His...

God bless and stay in love, everyone!

Joy in Christ is a group I joined in facebook.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy birthday, Sjon!

Happy birthday, Sjon!

It is a joy na makaila ko sama nimo. Knowing you is one proof just how music binds people. Thank you for the songs you shared to me. Thank you at di ka natakot sa boses ko.hehe

May your words find fulfillment in the lyrics,
May your notes be attuned in melody,
May your heart find its own passion
In the rhythmic soul of life
That belongs to the Almighty.

Rainbow Connection, this is one of the songs that reminds me of you.

GTI and have a great life, Sjon!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


These lines of the song came to me last week when I could hardly rationalize what I felt.
Few are the choices we are given.
The sands of time pass quickly by...
And I can't help but believe
that my whole life will be spent in ONE LOVE...

And I continue to sing it even in my head. Such a comfort song in this time of worriness and fear. This brings me a positive light trying to keep me calm, lulling me to ease...

So even in my fear and worry, 'Yes, Lord, Thy will be done unto me as You wish.' Just grant me courage as you promised, 'Courage, my child, for I am with you.'

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy birthday, Ms Bing!

Ms Bing,
You are a reflection of God's image.
Your presence is a blessing to His people.
Your words are echos of His Good News.
Your life is a testimony of His goodness.

Happy birthday, Ms Bing! I am grateful for having met you.
God bless. Keeping you in prayers...
love you and mwuahuggzzz!

Happy birthday, Totomel!

Happy birthday, Toto! Tigulang ka na ay ho. hehe
It's a pleasure, a blessing, and a gift na nakilala ta gid ka. You're a friend, little brother, and co word-weaver. I am learning from you (hopefully para sa kaayuhan. hehe)

May you happily live in God's little garden:
to be sown in life's fullness,
to grow in wisdom,
to blossom in creativity,
to wither but with meaning and fulfillment.

Enjoy the journey!
GTI. mwuahuggzzz!
Keeping you in prayers... Please stay in touch.