Tuesday, October 6, 2009


In such a cold, dark night,
Looking from afar,
Someone's wishing tonight
In a lonesome star.

Staring so gray
In an unpainted sky,
What shall stay
In those moments passing by?

Breaking lights
In those big clouds,
Catches the eyes
And the heart that pounds.

In a minute's glance,
Blooms the seed of hope
Taking the chance
On immediate cope.

Emerges the perfect
Big full moon,
No one can reject
Such beauty in tune.

Lull me with your fullness,
Fill this emptiness
With your sweet loving sound
In this smile that will bound.

Cuddle me to sleep
'Til my heart learns to keep
The beauty everlasting
Forever enlightening.

+ jocrossy +
from 19:14:27 to 19:33:04

p.s. I'd been wishing that the rest of the world could see the beauty of that beautiful full moon.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dear Father God

Dear Father God,

Let me in Thy loving arms embrace the whole world
That in Your divine protection it will be comforted.
Let Your motherly heart protect it from any harm.
And in Thy mantle of love it will be lulled in tenderness.
Let it be at rest... peaceful... still... calm... quiet...
I love you Lord and I love the world in Your dear loving heart.

Your loving daughter,
+ jocrossy +