Monday, November 9, 2009

Tears of God

When words cannot speak,
Let the mind talk.
When thoughts are inconceivable,
Let the heart ponder.
When feelings cannot utter,
Let the tears flow… Tears
Of sadness and gratitude,
Of nothingness and fullness,
Of wishful thinking and fulfillment,
Of fantasy and reality,
Of petition and recognition,
Of person and being,
Of brokenness and wholeness,
Of defilement and holiness,
Of humanity and divinity;
For God to hold
In the palm of His hand
To cherish and treasure,
To claim as His own,
To go back to its Source,
And be embraced
By the Ocean of Life.

+ jocrossy +
17 October 2009
@ 6:28 P.M.

**My tears will always be the tears of God as I am His creature and He is the Creator. Whatever I have comes from Him. I have tears because He shared His to me… He lovingly shares… Let me love You God in grateful heart.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Q: What are the causes of typhoon Ondoy?

It is but natural for Philippines to be hit by typhoon. But the tragic effect of the typhoon was caused by improper disposal of garbage, deforestation, problematic drainage system, abuse of mother nature and global warming.

Q: What can we do together to lessen the impact of such occurrence in the lives of the poor?

We have many options that we can work out together:
The ‘bayanihan’ spirit is a big help. It’s great to see people helping one another to save lives, the generosity of sharing goods to the victims from all walks of life, the spirit of volunteerism especially the mobilization of the youth;
To disregard prejudices and unsettled conflicts in such a time is actually one big opportunity of living in solidarity, standing together as one, undivided nation –the impact of which is not only for the poor but for the entire nation;
Pastoral counseling especially for the bereaved family who are greatly in need of empathy and encouragement;
Reaching out to the victims of the very traumatic incident; just listening to their grievances can somehow alleviate their emotions, helping them think positively of the big loss they had experienced;
The mere scene of people helping together to reach out the victims is one simple thing that can touch the hearts of some if not all to give them hope;
For the government to provide for the immediate needs of the victims especially shelter and food, options for livelihood that will give them an assurance that they can go on with their lives;
TV personalities, e.g. Kris Aquino, taking advantage of their fame to call for more donations;
And the immediate simple help that we can offer but is powerful and very important – PRAYER.

**I'm posting it for a special purpose. ;)