Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Beautiful Confrontation

i just had my overnight retreat and it was great! it was very helpful in my part. i surely learned something new.

it was a big confrontation in my part! God affirmed things to me through it. most of which led me to humble acceptance. well, truth really hurts but i'm very happy for the outcome. that is because God granted me the grace i really needed then. my doubts were answered. i was helped to realize certain things in its real sense by His words through the scriptures and reflective materials, and by few persons which were sent to assist me. i feel free to some extent, because God helped me free myself from my ideal self, leading me back to reality, assuring me that it's fine to be real and spontaneous and ME! isn't it great?!

i'm really happy for such opportunity. it was really wonderful...such a beautiful confrontation.

i owe Him a big gratitude. please help me thank God... thank you.

God bless us all in our journey... God help us through it all...

+ jocrossy +

Monday, July 21, 2008

it's been awhile

just dropping by to say hi... i sorta mizz my blog.hmmm..

a lot had happened already and how i wish i had enough time to share wonderful things... right now, i'm kinda busy preparing for my classes, as a substitute math teacher in csa-b. only for 15days, til july23 lang.. i was surely challenged by my students, been lonely for some time, but thank God i was able to adjust... if i feel i am being challenged by them, binabalik ko rin sa kanila. kundi ugtas man sila sa akon. hehehe... and lately, medyo napasukan ko na rin sila; somehow able to establish rapport... i think na-fall nako sa mga students ko. ti basi masubuan na kami if my term ends. huhu..assuming! hehe... pero im really happy for the experience. for the rest of my students who needed help, carry on ko nalang sa prayers ko.. youth nga naman kasi, andaming issues sa buhay... let's pray for the youth that they may be guided by the Holy Spirit in their battle against temptations and curiosity that might bring them to their fall... God be with them..

God be with us all!


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Just being grateful...

"As the year ends, let us be thankful for:
those who hated us.. they made us better persons;
those who loved us.. they made our hearts glow;
those who envied us.. they made our self-esteem grow stronger;
those who cared us.. they made us feel important;
those who touched our lives.. they made us who we are today;
those who left us.. they showed us that nothing lasts forever; and
those who stayed.. they showed us the true meaning of friendship."

I am indeed very grateful to God for allowing you to pass by me, creating an impact in my life -may it be big or little-.. and i thank you for submitting yourself to such experience that God granted us to share.
Whatever it is.. thank you so much...

May you be blessed with a grace-filled new year.
God bless you and your family.
God bless us all.

Take care..
Jesus loves you and so do I.