Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A poem for Hannah

This is a poem I wrote for Hannah a few weeks ago. I was not feeling well in those days. On 21 July, still feeling dizzy, as I opened my eyes, The Little Prince dvd in my bookshelf which Hannah gave me caught my attention and reminded me then of my desire to wrote a poem for her. Without much effort, the words flow through and below is the fruit,  ^_^

Be the rose you want to be
Not just for everyone to see.
But for your little darling heart
You owe such a big part.

When the prince comes to tame you,
Accept and be merry as you can do.
But when time comes he has to leave,
Accept, be sad, and learn to forgive.

The beauty that you are is so precious my dear.
The happiness within should dry your tear.
Let not the world wilt your peace.
To the Great One above you are a masterpiece. 

Sway with the wind knowing who you are.
Bloom in the fields, the sun shines not too far.
Scars will no longer matter as you dance it all out.
Beautiful! There you go! That's what you are about.

+ jocrossy +
@8:50 AM
21 July 2012