Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dancing in the Light

on 7/12/09 @11:29:26

Let me dance in the embers of your light
The spark that shines in the steadfast of the night.
For darkness creeps through the day's wonder
But it will never win with your unwavering thunder.

Your dearie needs your steadfast love
And the fortitude that her heart should have.
Sustain the spirit of the coward's will
So in the night it will not be left to chill.

Light, light, light, let me dance in your light
That together with you I will shine bright.
God, God, God, let me hold your hand
So together we dance with your magical wand.

ends @11:41:38

Sunday, July 12, 2009

On the Bone

A Reflection over Lunch

As I slowly pull out the marrow in your bone, let your hidden self get out. Allow that highly kept self to surface. Consider your shyness and fears but little by little let it go. From there I will gladly clean you up. Remove the untidiness that surrounds you. Be cleansed with scrapes of these spoon and fork. And when I'm done, even if you won't look perfectly as you wanted, don't worry. You will always be the beautiful 'Joy' that God has always loved.

Be stained, be cleansed, and be free to dance in God's wonderful hand!