Friday, August 14, 2009

My Eulogy for Mrs. Corazon Aquino

Last August 8 in our class we were asked to write a eulogy for Tita Cory. I said that I can relate more to Kris than to Cory. But anyway, given the few minutes and on the spot writing, I came up with this:

I knew her first through books as I was still four at that time of EDSA 1986. I don't have any recollection on those days.

Supplied with news and other readings, I learned about her governance of many wars being waged during her time, of the issue of farmers on their Hacienda Luisita, and other not-so-good things noticed by people on how she ran the country.

Given those facts, still we cannot deny the goodness in her. Cory was such a model of a good mom, a prayerful lady, a strong person, and a simple and humble woman. It was her piety that led the nation for a non-violent revolution that saved the country from imprisonment of martial law. She admitted she was not ready to run the country but who else can deny the Filipinos' cry? She took courage to lead the country with her humble submission to the Divine. And in all those times of war and trouble, she never lose her poise. She stayed calm in all hope for resolution. Hers was a testimony of faith.

As a mother, she never neglected her responsibility. She stood as a mother and a father to her children. On how she carried her family relation can be seen on how her children grew up. To quote from Kris, "Cory was a mom we all wished our mothers to be." She really was.

Seen on how the people flocked to pay tribute to her, reasons would not be enough to explain things. It is the movement of a heart that can speak better.