Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hello, Mr Sun!

I come across an article months ago about proper care of the eyes. One of the things that we should avoid is glare. Oh well, I am failing in that.

When days seem to be so heavy and reality is too chaotic to bear, I always find consolation in the firmament. A day's jeepney ride, is giving me one beautiful opportunity to enjoy the sky especially on a sunny day. When all I see down here is too depressing, a little twist of my head to look above is such a wonderful relief. As I look at the glaring sun feeling the heat and it's powerful magic, even for few seconds I am brought to feel the heavens as I slowly close my eyes. For a second I am freed of the reality; for a second I am to lose my thoughts in exchange of wonders; for a second I have a foretaste of heaven; for a second I feel the Creator...