Monday, June 13, 2011

On the Feast of St Anthony de Padua

Checking my phone calendar for June 13, I was reminded of the feast of St Anthony de Padua. To his feast I requested for his special intercession. I lost a part of me for quite sometime and I need to find it to bring me back into writing. So to the patron Saint of lost things, I made an appeal...

I found a stampita of him of similar image above along with a feather (guess) in 2009 few days before his feast. Since nobody claimed it, I took it with me. I wasn't sure then if it was really lost by somebody but I was sure that I found him.

In the eve of his feast, I stared at the image and in my prayer... just like St Anthony de Padua, that I may carry the infant Jesus in my own arms with fondness as I wear in me the living Word blooming in love and holiness like flowers beautifully do, with Jesus constantly touching my face in blessings and graces, with my gaze focused directly to His very own eyes that I may never lose my way and never to depart from Him; that I may stay forever in love with Him and only unto Him.

St Anthony de Padua, pray for us.