Saturday, September 19, 2015

Expression... Writing... Sketches...

When the mind is confused with words
on what the heart unfolds,
it's the hand that holds... 

Let your thoughts flow through words,
let your words flow through your hand,
and let your hand write everything from your heart... 


Even lines and curves tell a hundred words
Of what's within, what ones feeling lords.
The heart is beginning to sketch
The joys and pains that experiences etch.
Each stroke comes with the wave
Which  life wishes to save.
It is the stillness of the mind
That enables pieces of thoughts to bind.
It is the calmness of the heart
That allows images to impart.
A beauty unique and beyond compare,
A thousand words that pictures declare.

~ jocrossy ~
19 Sept 2015
@ 9:00 AM

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